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Update - BOLTERCON is too close

More Steps – 43 Days Left

Between the Warriors and Me

I meant to post this update last week, but things happen and time flies much faster than I am ready for. Even writing the title and seeing just how few days are left before this army needs to be done done DONE has made me appreciate time’s velocity. The extreme velocity.

What I have been able to do is get the main paint scheme down on 30 warriors. It’s the largest batch I have ever done of a single unit type, and I have learned a bunch in the process:

  • Don’t put off physical touchups on individual models, do it immediately
  • Do one color at a time, even if you want to die
  • Wait until all the models have a given color before considering touch ups
  • Stop and clean your brush when needed, don’t wait for fraying

Most of the above points should be pretty self explanatory, but I want to touch on the last one a bit. You can make a brush go a long way if you take care of it. I don’t mean baby it, but what I mean is to not push it too far. Letting paint into the ferrule is a death sentence for the brush so please take care to not let that happen. When painting 30 models, it’s very easy to push things too far. Stop, clean, relax.

Anyway, all the thirty Warriors have their paints. I made them and nine Scarabs as my September hobby goal.

My phone made this pic super yellow. Sorry about that, but you get the point I hope.

What I learned is just how pigment-rich the Monument ProAcryl paints are. On the Warriors, I went with a roughly 6 to 1 mix of medium/water to ProAcryl Blue for all the glowy bits. This was transparent on my palette but on the models was way too opaque. Once on the model it seemed fine, but when it dried I lost the nice gradient from the glazing I was looking for.

So where does one go from here? I have to go into meditations on WWVVD – What Would Vince Venturella do? Luckily Vince has videos on literally every hobby technique. Go check out Hobby Cheating 122 – How to Glaze right now. Also, watch all his videos to achieve enlightenment immediately.

For the Scarabs, I went with a 10:1 ratio with much better effect. I’m not sure if it’s the right top color, meaning the brightest spot being the right light blue. Once we make progress with other larger models, we’ll match that high point across all the models. For now, these glowy bits work just fine.

BUT WAIT – what is a hobby goal? Well, let me tell you what an important part of our community our monthly hobby goals are. Go check out the latest on our tracking page and also in our Discord with our trusty bot Servitor Fidelis. There are some seriously committed members of our community out there hobbying hard month after month and they’re helping create this dope environment we get to enjoy playing in! I can’t stress enough how proud we are of our players in the monthly hobby goals, affectionately known as THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME. People are out there getting awesome things done and you can too. Ok, off my soapbox for now.

Other Things

If you’re tired of looking at my hobby space (I sure am) fear not! Paint Team Six member Chris is all over these Necrons. Want more? Well then you’ll have to wait for his update. Teaser though:

More updates from Paint Team Six member Ed, who has made the near-suicidal decision to paint ALL the bases for the army in one go. How’s it going? Well you’ll have to wait for his update. How about another teaser:

The Future

More to come from the other members of Paint Team Six. Where will their hobby adventures take them?

ALSO – will you win this army? I’m buying my tickets and you should too —> TICKETS

Remember you don’t have to even be at BOLTERCON to win this army, so stock up and tell your friends!