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The Final Countdown & A Recipe

Two Weeks and SO MUCH TO DO (and so much done)

All Your Base

Folks, it’s been 30 days since our last update. What have we accomplished? Many things but probably not enough things to avoid the final countdown panic onslaught. Would you like an existential panic hovering over all of your waking hours? Well then sign up to paint an army in a couple months for an event for other people while also painting your army and see where that takes you. Anyway things are shaping up nicely and now that our boys are on bases things are really starting to click.

Paint Team Six is in full production mode.

Chris has been working away at larger models like these Canoptek Wraiths and Doomstalker which are looking sharp:

Ed has rocked out some wonderful warm bases to brighten up our dudes and serve as a contrast to the cool metallics and blues we’ve been laying down. Check out these warriors with their new homes. The colors are coming together!

Progress continues on many fronts, but the most important thing for the future owner of this wonderful army is – how the hell do I paint this? Also, note the glowy bits aren’t quite glowy enough on those Warriors, which I will touch on below…

A Recipe for Spooky Space Skellies

To review, the idea behind this army is that the scheme is easily repeatable. We’re not using any rare paints or skills, simply solid techniques with easy to find materials. That being said, lets take a look at the scheme as it stands today:

  1. Citadel Ledbelcher spray – whole model
  2. Vallejo Metal Color Chrome drybrush – whole model
  3. Citadel Black Templar Contrast – joints, internal cables, gun
  4. Monument ProAcryl Dark Grey Blue – carapace, fancy armor bits
  5. Monument ProAcrly Blue / Dark Grey Blue 25/75 – highlight carapace, highlight fancy armor bits
  6. Monument ProAcrly Blue – extreme highlights on carapace, highlight fancy armor bits
  7. Citadel Agrax Earthshade / Nuln Oil / Lahmian Medium 40/40/20 – wash everything but carapace and fancy armor
  8. Monument ProAcryl White – glowy bits first pass, 2x on extreme edges
  9. Monument ProAcryl Blue / Vallejo Glazing Medium + Water 1/15 – glaze glowy bits
  10. Vallejo Matte Varnish – whole model, two passes at least to knock the extra shiny bits down a touch

It’s worthwhile to separate out the glowy bits because this has taken a few iterations to sort out. For anything you want to glow, hit it with Monument ProAcryl White. This paint is wonderful. If you have only used Citadel white paint, please please please go try this Monument paint. It is a bit flowy and transparent, so perfect for glowy things where you want to preserve some of the underlying colors. Double tap any edges that must glow hard. As discussed previously, the Monument ProAcryl Blue is very pigment dense so requires a high dilution. I use mostly glazing medium and then get the consistency just right with water up to the desired dilution ratio. It’ll make more sense once you try it out.

For these Immortals, I ended up with a 15:1 medium+water:blue ratio! Worked great though:

Compare how much more glow the Immortals get versus the scarabs that were done 10:1. Scroll up and look at the Warriors done at roughly 5:1. We’re going back and touching things up to match the Immortals because we finally figured it out… so you don’t have to! Yay! But also boo.

What about those bases? Well just a couple easy steps:

  1. Fine Sand/Agrellan Earth Texture – base
  2. Crayola Model Magic / Greenstuff – elevation
  3. Vallejo Sand – base
  4. Agrax Earthshade / Medium 50/50 – wash
  5. Monument Golden Brown / Vallejo Sand 70/30 – drybrush highlight
  6. Vallejo Black Primer – base rim

NOTE: the bases will have magnets for your transportation pleasure.

The Final Stretch

Be ye not alarmed, but now that we’ve got the scheme locked in (mostly lmao) it’s time to rock. Be on the lookout for some HQs and Monoliths and some stabby skeletons. I am painting a part of a Necron army and apparently can’t learn the unit names aside from the big floating pyramid which I just forgot.

ALSO ALSO ALSO buy several tickets to win this army! I know I am and you should too. The more you possess come the day of the drawing, the higher your chances to win.

———> TICKETS <———

More to Come

We have so much more to share as the efforts around BOLTERCON ramp up! Watch this space for all sorts of madness, provided we aren’t just panic hobbying for the next two weeks. I sure hope writing blog posts counts as hobbying.

———> BOLTERCON <———