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March Updates! A Doubles RTT Recap, Clubhouse Changes, and More!

March Updates for Bolters at Dawn

With 2022 a distant memory (fever dream?) and 2023 well underway, it’s time for some blogging. And by some I mean just this one post. Big events are underway and we’re introducing changes to the way the clubhouse membership works.

We do it not because it is easy, but because we thought it would be.

If you haven’t had a chance and/or are a visual person, please refer to our 2023 Roadmap for everything we’ve got going on:

If you’d like to skip ahead, we are going to talk about Make Love Not Warhammer 40k Doubles RTT , Clubhouse Membership, The Crucible AoS League, and The Hive War 40k Crusade.

Make Love Not Warhammer 40k Doubles RTT

On February 11th, we held the first Make Love Not Warhammer RTT. This was a 40k doubles event using Arks of Omen rules. This particular setup was fun because many faction bonuses for army construction just didn’t work – Super Doctines and Judgement Tokens to name the most-mourned losses. Seal Team Thicc took a commanding first place with a combination of unkillable Deathwing and shooty Scions. Our doubles events are always hobby and theme focused (using the Long War Doubles hobby rubric) more than battle points. Knowing this, Seal Team Thick brought the maximum hype custom jerseys. No one else stood a chance.

Head over to Best Coast Pairings for the lists. We ended up using average hobby points for bye rounds and didn’t rely on BCP for hobby points at all. The final scores are below:

Congratulations to Christian and Gabe who eventually got their trophies and $69.00 of store credit as compensation for a job well done! Wait the trophies are still on my desk – so they’ll get them soon™.

Clubhouse Membership

Bolters at Dawn has grown a lot in the last couple of years. We started out a few crazy people playing a few times a year in a garage to a few more crazy people playing a few times a week in a rented space at Swine City. To support our continuing growth, we’ve changed the Clubhouse Membership from being a one-time fee to a recurring annual fee. The price is right at $35 per year and $5 in 2023 for existing mug holders.

What do you get? Head on over to our Clubhouse Membership document and read all about it. Maybe a visual will help too:

Please know that we are strict enforcers of our Technical Manual and all members will be required to sign. We handle membership purchases in person, so come on down to get started!

The Crucible AoS League

We are dipping our toes into Age of Sigmar. And by dipping our toes, I mean going all out with a huge narrative campaign. Two of our dedicated staff officers, the Hype and Morale Officer and Czar of Occasional Corrections Knowledgable Stances, are running the event. Not to alarm you but the first cycle is currently underway. If you bring enough hype I bet they can find a way to get you onboard.

There is an extensive amount of info in the dedicated Discord channel and in The Crucible player packet. Plus, you can pester our staff and players with questions that are answered in the packet you didn’t read!

The Hive War 40k Crusade

Bolters at Dawn is and always will be primarily 40k focused. The year breaks down into a competitive-focused season that revolves around BOLTERCON and a narrative-focused season for the rest of the year. Our 40k crusade for 2023 is The Hive War! Our very own staff officer the Propaganda Enforcement & Needful Information Secretary is the design lead and he has created something truly amazing.

Immerse yourself in the The Hive War and as always you can get more info in a dedicated Discord channel. Like anything we run and I said earlier, we look forward to answering your questions (especially if they are clearly in the packet you didn’t read)!

Wrapping Up

Yeah so that was a lot. I don’t really have a recap but I feel like aesthetically there should be one. What you should do if you haven’t already is join our Discord and go check out our store online and in person (get a tour of the clubhouse for sure).