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In which I have many questions…

Question: where have the last two weeks gone?

The answer escapes me at the moment. Looking back through our hobby channel in Discord, I realize the serious progress everyone has been making. As we stride toward the glorious light of BOLTERCON, all this hobbying does detach our awareness of time passing. It doesn’t help we all have responsibilities during the day and have to usually burn the midnight oil to get those hobby goals completed. But I digress…

Paint Team Six knows exactly where the time has gone: Necrons! Necrons and more Necrons! These boys and girls below are almost there, just waiting for bases and icy fades from the one and only award winning painter on the team. You know who. If not, ask Albert because he knows.

No I still don’t know what a Plasmacyte does or what a Cryptothrall even is. Judge not lest ye be also judged.

Question: why is it when I finally get a technique sorted out I never use it again?

The blue glaze recipe is humming along now. Just in time to never use it again (if I can help it). If you’ve been following along, you know we’re reaaaaally cutting that Monument ProAcryl Blue down a ton. The right ratio is around 15:1 medium+water:paint, which might seem like a lot until you see it over the white undercoat. Quite vibrant! Below are a couple Plasmacytes (I think maybe?) with the white base on the left and then a recently applied blue glaze on the right:

Now don’t be afraid to get a thin touch of white on those adjacent surfaces that will be impacted by the blue glow. If we had more time, I would have been left hamfisted about this. However, keeping with the theme, we have literally actually no time. So this is plenty good. Behold, bigger glowy orbs and the white undercoat on these Reanimators:

Ok, enough on the glowy bits topic. I have now officially done it to death and it’s over. Just in time.

Another thing to briefly touch on is how much a highlight can not only bring details up but change the way your eye perceives the overall colors on the model. A small blue edge highlight really makes the carapace on these Necrons look Blue instead of dark blue/gray. A small comparison for your enjoyment since I took so many pictures over the past couple of days:

More to be done there, but I found the difference so striking I wanted to document it for you dear readers out there. Readers and potential raffle winners! Did I mention you can win this army by purchasing raffle tickets? An easy click is right around the corner right around the corner.

Question: how many hobby hours will have gone into the Raffle Army when it’s given away at BOLTERCON?

Ha! I regret even typing that out but it’s too late. Maybe if you buy Paint Team Six a beer or two we’ll tell you. Maybe if Discord has a way to export logs of when we’re in hobby chat, we could get close. Lots of maybes and that’s all you’ll get at the moment.

RIGHT THIS MOMENT there is a Monolith being expertly painted:

Word on the street is there is a See-Tan being painted as well. But that is officially top secret progress information and you lack the clearance. Want a chance to own this amazing army?

———> TICKETS <———

Wrapping up

The list has changed slightly with some redundant characters being removed. Rest assured, the winner not only gets all these dope painted Necrons but also all the associated spare bits. Tons of free stuff for you, just a couple (dozen) raffle tickets away.

There isn’t much left to say on this day before BOLTERCON. We are hyped, lists are being submitted, armies being painted, and stuff is being moved into position. See you all Thursday morning!

———> BOLTERCON <———

OOPS almost forgot a rare Albert: