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The hypest tabletop wargaming club in Cincinnati, focused on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Horus Heresy, and Age of Sigmar

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Second half of 2024 Schedule Preview
Bolters at Dawn Clubhouse Pregame

A graphic of EPIC implications for your hype levels. Gaze upon it, then join the Discord for more!

40k Doubles Event Recap, Clubhouse Updates, and More!
Bolters at Dawn Clubhouse Pregame

Spring events are officially in the rear view mirror (post Memorial Day) and we gaze unto the bright (and HOT HOT HOT) summer of events in the Bolters at Dawn clubhouse. Before we release the 2024 schedule for the second half, we are going to recap our wild 40k Long War Doubles event in detail. So much to cover and all our participants are chomping at the bit to revel in their glories...

Time Flies: 2024 Rolls Along & We Roll With It
Bolters at Dawn 2024 Roadmap

New year - who dis? Today we’re going to talk about the upcoming events: 40k Long War Doubles Event, Horus Heresy Skirmish, and King Ook’s Royal Rumble for AoS. Also we’ll cover the recent Golden Bolter Character Competition winner and a brief discussion about the later half of the year...

BOLTERCON 2023 Recap
BOLTERCON 2023 Play Area

Head on over to our blog to check out our two-part recap of the BOLTERCON 2023 event that was held in November!

Upcoming Events

Please note that our events are all scheduled using our Discord events. Sign up for a game today!

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We're a growing group of hobbyists and tabletop wargamers who thoroughly enjoy learning games and expanding our skills. Focused on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Horus Heresy, and Age of Sigmar, we are always hype for the next event or game day! Tons of good advice, content from current projects, and discussions about the future of the game can be found at all hours of the day in our Discord. Come share with us and get in on the action.

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Based in the greater Cincinnati area, we are a passionate group of hobbyists and tabletop wargamers dedicated to growing the playerbase in the tri-state area. If you like to play, model, paint, list build, or just discuss the hobby we are the group for you. Experienced, inexperienced, and everything inbetween, we welcome enthusiastic players to join us in having a blast playing these games. Games Workshop games are our focus: Warhammer 40,000, Horus Heresy, and Age of Sigmar being the most popular. We usually have a few games on the calendar, so please make contact if you'd like to join in!


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