Fundamalleus Maypocalypse 2021

May 14th through 16th, 2021

Maypoc 2021 Results

Team Player Count Total PL Power Cores Possessed Power Cores Recovered Score
Edward 10 4151 3 2 7
Jacob 8 4405 3 0 3
More details over at Fundamalleus!

Other Awards

Award Winner Total PL Fielded
Best Painted Model Jason Meyer 407
Best Hobbyist Kyle Kolstedt 380
Best Sportsman Jesse Brown 370
Consummate Gamer Matthew S 298
Try Hard Nate Sowder 251
Blessed Heart Joe Blackett 584
MVP Team Edward Jacob Simmons 373
MVP Team Jacob Hause 1043


Saturday Shots

Sunday Shots

Army Glam Shots


Have your people get with our people.