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40k Doubles Event Recap, Clubhouse Updates, and More!

Spring events are officially in the rear view mirror (post Memorial Day) and we gaze unto the bright (and HOT HOT HOT) summer of events in the Bolters at Dawn clubhouse. Before we release the 2024 schedule for the second half, we are going to recap our wild 40k Long War Doubles event in detail. So much to cover and all our participants are chomping at the bit to revel in their glories. Then we will touch on some Clubhouse News news around Bolters at Dawn and wrap with some quick hits.

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Time Flies: 2024 Rolls Along & We Roll With It

We rested on our laurels through the end of 2023 holidays to prepare ourselves for what 2024 has in store. At this point we’ve crushed the first quarter so the time has come for reflection and chakra alignments. The schedule looms over us but our hobby will is strong and our collective hype will carry us to BOLTERCON in the fall (definitely probably).

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BOLTERCON 2023 Recap Part 2 - The 40k GT, AoS RTT, Exhaust Wolf, Golden Bolter, and more

Nearly a month has gone by and at this point I have the existential strength to take a shot at a recap of the rest of BOLTERCON. The marquee event is our 40 person Warhammer 40k GT, but there are tons of other fun things going on during the four day long slamfest of tabletop dopeness. The more words in the intro, the less words in the cool parts so let’s wrap this up and get on with the main course.

Head on over to our previous BOLTERCON Recap Part 1 to read our esteemed Hype and Morale Officer’s take on the Battle for Cypra Mundi first. Once you’re caught up, let’s rage.

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BOLTERCON 2023 Recap Part 1 - The Battle for Cypra Mundi

Over the course of four days and several events (I count 8? 9?), there is a lot to cover. We’re going to start off by handing things over to our very own Hype & Morale Officer aka Alex to give us the nitty gritty on The Battle for Cypra Mundi, which was our big narrative event for The Horus Heresy aka 30k.

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BOLTERCON 2023 - Shirts, Doomrider Painting Competition, and more?

Reflecting on the rapid approach of BOLTERCON, it’s easy to see what my dude Sun Tzu was talking about. Some participants have been whittling away at their hobby goals and making great progress, but making it seem small and easy. But true to form, BOLTERCON season has nothing to do with smart planning and careful execution! Our friends over at Games Workshop have recently dropped a Warhammer 40k dataslate that throws many of our careful planners plans up in the air and renders them dust in the wind. Such is life and there is only hobby panic this time of year.

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Announcing BOLTERCON 2023!

After a ton of collaborative work (yelling), we have ironed out the events for BOLTERCON this year. Like last year, we will have a large space at the Centre Park of West Chester’s glorious event halls. We’re keeping things solidly hype from Thursday November 2nd through Sunday November 5th, so make sure to book those rooms at the hotel so you can conveniently stroll around and roll dice until your hands fall off.

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99 Problems And Each Is A Day Until BOLTERCON 2023

We’ve been busy in Bolters at Dawn land this year. So busy, we didn’t really see BOLTERCON sneaking up on us. Like some kind of angelic killer gorilla gilded in the screams of sleepless nights, it has quite slyly breached our perimeter.

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131 Gaming Club Crusade - Painting Awards!

One of our Bolters at Dawn clubhouse members lives in the hills of western Massachusetts. From his hilltop abode, he remotely followed along with our very fun Echoes from the Void crusade. The hype was too much for him, so he corralled a couple of local game stores to run EftV for his 131 Gaming Club members in September of 2022. And now it’s all coming to a close and they need judges for their hobby competition… who else is as qualified? Spoiler Alert: lots of other people but we did our best. Read on, dear reader!

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March Updates! A Doubles RTT Recap, Clubhouse Changes, and More!

With 2022 a distant memory (fever dream?) and 2023 well underway, it’s time for some blogging. And by some I mean just this one post. Big events are underway and we’re introducing changes to the way the clubhouse membership works.

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BOLTERCON 2022 Recap

BOLTERCON 2022 is a wrap, many games were played, feats of strength were achieved, and the Raffle Army has a forever home. Come get a Cliffs Notes version of events to fuel your hype. Dope sharpens dope!

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A final update before BOLTERCON kicks off. We’re almost there but I am left with more questions than answers. Part of the problem is that I have averaged two completed models a day for a month. Ouch. Plus a few list changes and a rare Albert!

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The Final Countdown & A Recipe

Folks, it’s been 30 days since our last update. What have we accomplished? Many things but probably not enough things to avoid the final countdown panic onslaught…

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Update - BOLTERCON is too close

Looking at the dwindling number of days left to BOLTERCON has created a deep existential dread. How do we handle it? Make goals and achieve them. Should a goal spanning 30 days involve 40 models? Maybe. Definitely. LET’S GO!

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First Progress Update

Paint Team Six is officially underway! In this first update, we discuss the finer points of dealing with an entire army to paint in a little over two months. Warriors inbound and a new-to-me paint from the Vallejo Metal Color line. Dealing with the existential dread is an exercise left to the reader.

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Welcome to the Hobby Blog!

Well well well, here we are and off we go! The Bolters at Dawn Hobby Blog is live. Come check out what we’re up to with the BOLTERCON 2022 Raffle Army.