By: , about 55 days ago
BOLTERCON 2022 Recap

BOLTERCON 2022 is a wrap, many games were played, feats of strength were achieved, and the Raffle Army has a forever home. Come get a Cliffs Notes version of events to fuel your hype. Dope sharpens dope!

By: , about 75 days ago

A final update before BOLTERCON kicks off. We’re almost there but I am left with more questions than answers. Part of the problem is that I have averaged two completed models a day for a month. Ouch. Plus a few list changes and a rare Albert!

By: , about 88 days ago
The Final Countdown & A Recipe

Folks, it’s been 30 days since our last update. What have we accomplished? Many things but probably not enough things to avoid the final countdown panic onslaught…

By: , about 118 days ago
Update - BOLTERCON is too close

Looking at the dwindling number of days left to BOLTERCON has created a deep existential dread. How do we handle it? Make goals and achieve them. Should a goal spanning 30 days involve 40 models? Maybe. Definitely. LET’S GO!

By: , about 141 days ago
First Progress Update

Paint Team Six is officially underway! In this first update, we discuss the finer points of dealing with an entire army to paint in a little over two months. Warriors inbound and a new-to-me paint from the Vallejo Metal Color line. Dealing with the existential dread is an exercise left to the reader.

By: , about 160 days ago
Welcome to the Hobby Blog!

Well well well, here we are and off we go! The Bolters at Dawn Hobby Blog is live. Come check out what we’re up to with the BOLTERCON 2022 Raffle Army.